There is a Flash issue that results in users not being able to preview a test because Flash is not enabled on the user's local browser.

Rainforest is currently developing a protocol that will completely replace Flash in our VMs which should resolve this issue. In order to Preview tests, please follow the instructions below to enable Flash on your personal browser. 

Please be aware that Flash is beginning to be deprecated by major browsers - such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We invite you to revisit your application and, if it has a flash component, assess it in light of these developments with major browsers.

VNC mounting error 

We couldn't mount the VNC client. Please make sure you are using latest version of Flash 

Resolution is to enable Flash on your local browser. 


  1. Open Safari Preferences in local browser (aka on your computer browser)
  2. Go to Security > Plug-in settings
  3. Locate Adobe Flash Player in the list of plugins
  4. For, select “allow”
  5. Refresh the browser and this should allow for previewing


  1. Go to chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins to add exception 
  2. Locate Adobe Flash Play in the list of plugins
  3. Add or select for, select “allow”
  4. Refresh the browser and this should allow you to preview your tests

Alternative Option 

  1. Go to chrome://plugins/
  2. For Adobe Flash Player - select "Always allowed to run"
  3. Refresh browser 

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