Configuring Mobile Apps for Testing

Learn how Rainforest supports testing your native iOS and Android apps.

Rainforest supports testing native iOS and Android phone and tablet applications with our Mobile Application Testing feature. Note that Rainforest uses the terms mobile application and native mobile app interchangeably. Both refer to apps that must be downloaded and installed on mobile devices to run.

Rainforest supports mobile app testing on virtual machines using our Tester CommunityTester Community - Human test execution. Harness the ingenuity of on-demand QA testers. Pay more and wait longer for test results but with the benefit of more detailed output.. These tests must be written using our Plain-Text EditorPlain-Text Editor - A tool that allows you to write tests as step-by-step instructions in free-form English. Tests created with the Plain-Text Editor (PTE) run using either the Tester Community or your own on-prem testers. since our Automation ServiceAutomation Service - Automated browser test execution. The quickest and most cost-effective way to get test results, powered by our network of virtual machines. isn’t compatible with mobile app testing. To get started, make sure your app is compiled to the required specifications.

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