Using the Test Writing Service

Learn how to speed the development of your tests by leveraging Rainforest’s QA experts.

What is the Rainforest Test Writing Service?

Rainforest’s Test Writing Service (TWS) offloads the tasks of writing and maintaining tests and puts them in the hands of our QA experts. You are allowed up to 20 tests at a time. Provided you provision the necessary seeded data, TWS delivers passing tests that are optimized to run on Rainforest.

How Does the Test Writing Service Work?

We leverage top testers in our tester community to review, write, and run your tests. The following is an overview of how the service works.

  1. Submitting a Request
    Submit a “New Test Suite Request” form. We recommend submitting 10–20 tests in a single batch. For more information, see How to Submit Test Writing Request.
  2. Test Writing and Execution
    Up to four test authors work on the test cases. Each author writes and optimizes the tests until they reach a passing state. If there are unclear instructions, bugs, or environmental issues that prevent the test from passing, the author blocks the test and requests additional information.
    Note: Visual Editor tests running with the Automation Service must pass 3 consecutive times to be considered complete.
  3. Returning the Test
    Once a test author is finished, they return the test to your account; the test is now ready for you to run.

The Test Writing Service flow.

What Information Does Rainforest Need for a Test Writing Service Request?

The essential ingredients for a successful run are the submitted test outlines and details. For high-quality output, we recommend that you ensure the environment you’re requesting is operational.

Test authors can’t write tests without access to the environment, including test data, such as login credentials. Moreover, Rainforest tests run concurrently and repeatably. Before submitting test cases to be written by our test authors, consider the following:

  • What kind of test data is needed to avoid concurrency issues?
  • Are there other issues that might arise from running these tests multiple times?
  • Point the test authors to test data already loaded into Rainforest.

Make sure to provide detailed instructions on the testing steps. Without this information, test authors may struggle to navigate the site. With unclear instructions, they may not have an understanding of the expected behavior.

  • Avoid business and sector-specific jargon.
  • When describing the test cases, assume test authors are not familiar with your industry or how your site works.
  • Make sure your instructions are straightforward.

Rainforest assigns test authors to create the requested test cases, with a turnaround time of 3–5 working days.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].