Creating a Test with the Plain-Text Editor

Learn how free-form English makes it easy to create tests for the Tester Community.

Rainforest tests created with the Plain-Text Editor use free-form English. They run using either the Tester Community or your own on-prem testers. Each test has steps, composed of two parts: a tester instruction and a tester confirmation.


A Test Step Example

Wait for the page to load completely, then click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

After clicking the Login button, are you taken to the Login page?

  • The first part of the step with instructions to click the Login button is the instruction. This is the action a tester completes during the step.
  • The second part asking the tester to verify that the Login page is displayed is the confirmation. Tester confirmations are always phrased as Yes/No questions.

A Plain-Text Editor example.

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