How to Edit a Test Using a Past Result


When you need to make simple edits to a test in the visual editor, save time by taking a new screenshot directly from freeze frames already captured by Rainforest. Instead of previewing your test in the test editor or manually going through steps on a fresh virtual machine (which can be very time-consuming for long tests), you can use freeze frames captured by Rainforest during a prior automated test run.

Navigating to a Past Result

  1. Select Edit other steps when reviewing a failed test or open the test in the test editor.

Select "Edit other steps" to open the test editor.

  1. If you navigate from an individual result, you'll automatically be taken to that specific result in the test editor. If navigating from the test editor, select Past Result then use the dropdown menu to select any past result. This will allow you to create screenshots from freeze frames of that particular result.

Use the "Past Result" tab to use images from recently runs.

  1. Hover to preview or use the arrows/click through the steps to navigate between the frames.

Taking Screenshots Using a Past Result

Editing your test using freeze frames follows the same steps that editing a test via live preview does:

  1. Add new steps or update existing steps using the side panel.
  2. Capture new screenshots using any of the available frames.
  1. Save your work and rerun your test.


1. Why are some steps greyed out?
They might be greyed out for one of two reasons.

  • Rainforest only captures freeze frames for steps that require screenshots. Rainforest does not capture freeze frames when executing actions like "wait" or "press key".
  • Steps that didn't execute (i.e. after a failing step) will also be grayed out.

2. Are all past results available?
Yes any result from a past run (including any past attempt if retries were used) are available.

3. Can I use past results to edit Reusable Snippets?
You can edit Snippets within the context of a parent test using results of that parent test. You won't see the Past Result tab when directly editing Snippets because Reusable Snippets cannot be run independently.

4. Can I use this while editing on a Branch?
Yes. The Visual Editor is “branch aware.” This allows you to edit a test from a result while working on a branch. Changes you make will only be reflected on that branch.