Inserting Test Data into Plain-Text Editor Tests

Learn how to include other values in your test steps using placeholders.


Using test data is a simple way to inject values such as login credentials and email addresses into your test steps. Each item acts as a placeholder. When a test executes, it uses the value that corresponds to the data you inserted.

See Using Test Data to learn more about the different types of placeholders you can use.

Inserting Your Test Data

  1. In the step editor, click the Insert Test Data link to display the Test Data menu. The placeholders are grouped by type, such as static data and dynamic data.

Inserting test data using placeholders.

  1. Click a test data group to reveal the list of placeholders for that data type.

Test data is organized by groups.

  1. Click the test data you want to insert.

A test data placeholder such as {{}} is replaced with the actual value whenever testers see it in the test.


Previewing your test.

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