Using AI Actions

Learn how to use AI actions when creating tests.


Rainforest QA supports AI Assertion and AI Search actions for use during testing. These actions use an AI agent that can understand the text visible on the screen and make an assertion, or interact with your website.

  • AI Assertion answers yes/no questions using a text based AI agent to confirm whether or not the specified text is visible on the screen.
  • AI Search understands the text visible on the screen and can interact with your website using Rainforest actions and the provided description.

Note: These are experimental features and results may be unreliable. Additionally, we use 3rd party providers for some AI-related services.


These are experimental features that are currently included in all plans for free. We’re evaluating how these actions are used and if they will need to come at an additional cost.

Known limitations

  • There are no retries of failed AI steps. The agent looks at the screen once, and if it can’t locate the described element, the step will fail without additional attempts.
  • Today, only text content is taken into account, so questions about colors or images will all result in a failure.
  • The agent’s thinking phase can take some time, which can range from several seconds to a minute.

Privacy policy

All data and information gathered while using AI actions is sent to OpenAI. The data is retained for 30 days and not used for training. To learn more about OpenAI's policies, click here.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].