Image Matching Mode Choices in the Visual Editor

Learn about our image matching choices in the visual editor.


For each screenshot in a test, you can choose how Rainforest attempts to match the screenshot with elements appearing on the screen during a test. You have a choice between two matching modes:

  1. Intelligent (the default)
  2. Strict

How Rainforest QA Image Matching Works

Intelligent matching mode is designed to evaluate elements on the screen like a human would. This means it’ll successfully match screenshots and elements while ignoring visual differences that most people wouldn’t notice, including:

  • minor differences in color, font size, spacing, or rendering,
  • appearance of text and mouse cursors over elements, and
  • unimportant differences in white space (i.e., padding and margins).

Strict mode will only pass exact matches between screenshots and elements. Any failure to find an exact match between a screenshot and an element on the screen will result in a FAIL.

How it Works

Our Intelligent matching mode will tolerate the kinds of changes, that a person would find difficult to notice. Those small differences will result in a PASS, just as you’d expect if a human were to see it.

ReasonIF you’ve captured this elementAND your website or app shows this elementTHEN the result would be
Text decorationPASS
Font sizePASS
Font weightPASS
Image sizePASS
Spacing between elementsPASS
Text colorPASS
Background colorPASS
Mouse cursor shows up by accidentPASS
Text cursor that shows up by accidentPASS
Text that renders differently in Windows and macOSPASS


Pro Tip

Even though Intelligent matching mode is tolerant to differences, we still recommend you regularly update your element screenshots so they’re always up-to-date with the latest state of your website or app, increasing test stability.

And here are examples that we’d still consider FAIL:

Case ChangeFAIL

Our Strict mode will not tolerate any differences between a screenshot and visual elements the virtual machine finds. We recommend you use this mode when you want to verify that an element appears exactly as it appears in its screenshot.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].