Learn how to run your Rainforest tests using a GitHub Action.

GitHub is a Microsoft-owned developer platform offering distributed version control and source code management. Using a GitHub Action, you can automate, customize, and execute your Rainforest test runs.

See our Rainforest QA GitHub Action article for a more thorough explanation of how you can incorporate Rainforest tests into your release process using GitHub.

Getting Started with GitHub Actions

Check out the quick start guide to learn about GitHub Actions.

The Rainforest API Token

Before configuring a GitHub Action, you need a Rainforest API token. You can find yours by navigating to the Integrations page and clicking the Generate API Token button.


Generating an API token.

Note: Never expose the token in your .github/workflows/ file. Instead, use a GitHub encrypted secret. Choose a name such as RAINFOREST_API_TOKEN.

Executing a Run Group

A run group is a collection of tests meant to run together. Use run groups to execute multiple tests on a scheduled basis, on demand, or from the command line. Examples include tests for a smoke suite, a regression suite, or a nightly build validation. See Organizing Tests by Run Group for more information.

Choose a run group containing at least one enabled test and run it in GitHub workflows using this Action:<ID>

To find your run group ID, navigate to the Run Groups page and select a run group. The ID appears in your browser’s address bar at the end.

See Rainforest QA GitHub Action to learn about optional parameters you can include.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].