Working with Results in a Team

Learn how team members can work together to manage results in large test suites.


Management of test failures is essential to your test suite’s overall health and efficiency. As your team grows, it’s not practical for a single person to be responsible for everything. Collaboration and escalations occur, and you need to be able to properly track items to keep everything moving and keep everyone accountable. In addition, in a fast-paced environment, things could get confusing very quickly.

We have added features throughout the platform that allow for a cohesive and actionable workflow to identify, triage, fix, and retest issues.

Triaging issues

Triaging issues is at the beginning of the workflow and starts on the Results pages.

The Runs page now displays a high-level breakdown of Failures Resolved for any run with a failed test. Hovering over the Failures Resolved provides additional information and provides a quick review of where issues currently stand in being resolved.


The Runs Page—Failures Resolved.

The Run and individual Test Results pages have been upgraded to enhance collaboration and escalation. In addition, Failure Status and Assignee have been added to previously existing Failure Category and Comments to make it easier to efficiently assign issues to team members and provide information so they can resolve issues. When any information is updated on any page, it’s instantly updated across the entire workflow. That way, you always have the most recent data.


Triaging in Run Summary Page.


Triaging by reviewing prior run test failures.

  1. To access Assignee and Failure Category, update Failure Status to Open or Resolved.
  2. Update information and assign it to the appropriate person on the team. They will receive an email notification.
  3. Review previous unresolved failures on prior runs by selecting the link under the Test Name. This will help in triaging issues more quickly and accurately.


  • Failure Status must be Open or Resolved to provide additional information.
  • Bulk updates work on these fields as well

Failure Status, Assignee, Failure Category, and Comments can also be accessed and updated on the Test Results page.


Test Results

Tracking and Managing Tasks

Team collaboration, accountability, and tracking failed tests can be difficult and time consuming. That is why we have created the Tasks page. The Tasks page provides detailed information on both Open and Resolved failed tests, so the team knows exactly what’s going on, who is working on items, how many failures have been resolved, and what needs to be addressed.


The Tasks page provides a complete and comprehensive view of outstanding tasks (test failures) that need to be addressed. Sorting and grouping offer an easy way to drill down and get detailed information on failing tests, failures, and team member responsibility. The Tasks page is divided between Unresolved and Resolved failures.

Tasks: Unresolved Failures

Unresolved failures are those failures (tasks) that are still open. The page can display all Tasks or tasks just assigned to you.

Grouping allows open tasks to be organized by Test, Run, Failure Category, Assignee, or No Grouping (which orders by Run Time). In addition, Failure Status, Task Assignee, Failure Category, and Comment can be updated and edited on this page, making it easy to make multiple updates without switching pages.

You can also Open the test, Change the Test State, and few Test Run History.

Note: The test information is readily shown when grouping by test.


Unresolved failures.

Tasks: Resolved

Just as important as Unresolved, Resolved tasks are also available. This provides a historical review of tasks. For the most part, this page is View Only. However, Test State can be updated from this page. Additionally, the fields’ balance becomes editable if Failure Status is updated from Resolved to Open.


Tasks resolved, ordered by Failure Category.

As the team works and changes information, the entire workflow system updates across all pages for the most relevant information and ensures the team is accountable and aware of tasks and status.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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