How to Submit a Test Writing Request

Learn about the requirements to submit a Test Writing Request.


A “New Test Writing Request” form has three main sections. See Using the Test Writing Service for details on the Test Writing Service.

  • Request Info. General information. Rainforest allows you to batch-test requests in groups of up to 20 tests.
  • System Info. Where the tests are run, login credentials, and how tests should be written. This information applies to all tests submitted in the request.
  • Tests. Information specific to each requested test. Includes individual test names, instructions, and expected results.

Submitting a New Test Writing Request Form

  1. Navigate to the Test Writing Service (TWS) page from the navigation bar (pencil & ruler icon).
  2. Click the New Test Suite Request button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Select “Text or Video Outline” or “TestRail Import.”
    See this article for information on submitting a TestRail import.

Submitting a Test Suite Creation request.

Request Info

Provide the following information:
1.Key in a Request Name.
Should be an identifiable name, such as “New Tests for Checkout flow.”

  1. Key in a Request Description.
    A short description of the test group, such as “New Checkout tests - January 2021.”
  2. Select “Video Walkthrough” or “Text Outline.”
    See this article for more information on submitting a video walkthrough.
  3. Click the Next button.

Entering the Request Info.

System Info

Provide the following information:

  1. Key in a Base URL for all tests.
    This is the URL you want the tests to be written for.
  2. Key in login credentials if applicable.
    If no credentials are required, key in “N/A.”
  3. Select the type of test needed.
    • “Quickly capture UI elements with screenshots”
      Run these tests using our Automation Service or by triggering manual tests with our on-demand QA Testers. For more information, see Creating a Test with the Visual Editor.
    • “Detail your test case line by line.” These tests are run manually by our on-demand QA Testers. Note that testing takes longer and is more expensive. For more information, see Creating a Test with the Plain-Text Editor.
  4. Choose the platform you would like your tests optimized for.
    This represents a single platform for all tests in this group. Test authors preview, write, and optimize the tests to pass on the selected platform.
  5. Click the Next button.

Entering the System Info.


Provide the following for each test you want to submit as part of the test suite request:

  1. Key in the Test Title.
    Choose a title that’s clear and descriptive.
  2. Select a Test Priority (optional)
    For more information, see Adding Priority to Tests.
  3. Key in the starting URL for the test.
    This must be fully qualified and contain http: or https: (“https: //”).
  4. Provide the Link to video (for video walkthrough request only)
    For more information, see How to Submit a Video Walkthrough.
  5. Key in the expected result for this test.
    This is the success criteria for the test, such as “The tester should be able to successfully purchase the product.”
  6. Describe the outline for the test.
    The outline can be as simple as step-by-step instructions for functionality. Or it can guide the tester on navigating the site to complete the test.
  7. To add additional tests, click the “+ New Test” button in the upper right-hand corner and repeat the steps. You are allowed up to 20 tests at a time.
  8. Click the Submit button to send the test writing request to our test authors.

Entering the test information.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].