Testing Captcha

Learn how to add a tester instruction for apps requiring Captcha verification.

Use our Tester CommunityTester Community - Human test execution. Harness the ingenuity of on-demand QA testers. Pay more and wait longer for test results but with the benefit of more detailed output. to test Captcha in your app. To do this, add a tester instructiontester instruction - An action required to complete a step. or write the tests using our Plain-Text EditorPlain-Text Editor - A tool that allows you to write tests as step-by-step instructions in free-form English. Tests created with the Plain-Text Editor (PTE) run using either the Tester Community or your own on-prem testers. instruction format.


Sample Instruction

Sign up with {{random.email}} and {{random.password}}. Click the Sign Up button. Complete the Captcha if it appears.
Were you able to sign up?

What the tester sees.What the tester sees.

What the tester sees.

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