Best Practices

Learn best practices for using the Test Writing Service.

Following are the best practices we recommend when working with our Test Writing Service (TWS). For more information, see Using the Test Writing Service.

The most critical component for a successful TWS run is the information you submit. To ensure high-quality output—and to get your tests back fast—use the following guidelines.

A Working Environment

  • Specify the environment and let us know if you’re using more than one.
  • Ensure the environment is included in the Sites and Environments section of your account settings.
  • Ensure the environment is accessible 24/7 to accommodate Rainforest test authors, who are in different time zones.
  • If required, the environment should support multiple concurrent testers.
  • Communicate any major known defects in the app or test environment.


A common issue when making test requests is to omit required login credentials, resulting in delays. Make sure to provide a working set of credentials when needed.

Clear and Complete Instructions

  • A brief but descriptive test title. Something that identifies the test and is descriptive enough to differentiate it from other similar tests.
  • A descriptive test outline. Ensure there is no ambiguity. Provide a helpful indication of what the expected outcome of the test should be.
  • Avoid business-specific or sector-specific jargon. To make the outlines as test writer-friendly as possible, do not use business jargon. Test writers are not familiar with your application, so be as clear as possible and don’t use terms not reflected in the app.
Test outline examples.Test outline examples.

Test outline examples.

Use Video Outlines

The preferred method for making a test request is to submit a video. Videos provide clarity and reduce ambiguity. They should include everything the test needs to cover. Make sure to narrate the actions you take and the expected results you want the test to verify.

For more information on how video walk-throughs work, see How to Submit a Video Walk-Through.

Video outline examples.Video outline examples.

Video outline examples.

Video Walk-Through Example

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected] or via the chat bubble below.

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