Best Practices

Learn best practices for iOS and Android mobile app testing.

Creating Mobile App-Specific Tests

In most cases, web and mobile apps are fundamentally different, so you need to create app-specific tests. However, in some cases, you can—and should—reuse the work you’ve already done. Suppose your mobile and web apps are similar. In that case, you can duplicate the relevant web app tests and modify them for your mobile application.


Creating a native mobile app test.

Creating Separate Tests for iOS and Android

iOS and Android apps are uploaded as separate builds and run on different platforms. That’s why we recommend creating individual tests for them. If there are UI differences between the builds, you should update the test steps accordingly.

Naming Your Tests Based on the OS

When creating separate tests for iOS and Android, you should name the tests accordingly to easily differentiate them.


Naming an iOS-specific test.

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