Kicking Off Runs from Zapier

Learn how to kick off Rainforest QA runs in Zapier


Kicking off test runs using Zapier is another no-code way to integrate Rainforest QA into your release process. By using Webhooks by Zapier you can define a trigger event that will automatically kick off a Rainforest QA run group.


In Zapier, you’ll set this up as a two-step action using Webhooks by Zapier.

The first step is defining the action that will trigger the Rainforest run. The second step is triggering the Rainforest run using the Rainforest API and corresponding run group command.

Below is an example of how we at Rainforest QA use Zapier to kick off runs when we make changes to our marketing site in Webflow.

Example using Webflow and Zapier

Step 1

1. Webhooks by Zapier
   Trigger Event: Catch Hook
   [copy URL generated here by Zapier and add as `Site publish` Webhook URL in Webflow

Step 2

2. Webhooks by Zapier
   Action Event: POST
   URL:<run group ID>/runs
   Payload Type: json
   Wrap request in Array: No
   Unflatten: Yes
     Client-Token    <API key copied from RF Settings->Integrations page>

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].