Testing with the Tester Community

Learn about the people who provide secure, reliable crowd-sourced testing for our customers.

Rainforest is committed to providing secure, reliable crowd-sourced testing for our customers. Our network of testers is comprised of thousands of individuals from around the world. The Rainforest Crowd is a diverse, well-trained group of people.

Who Our Testers Are

Our testers are located worldwide, with a majority in South America, Europe, and India. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including (but not limited to) teaching, writing, computer science, stay-at-home parenting, and of course, quality assurance.

How We Find Our Testers

Rainforest testers were originally sourced through Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower (now Appen). Both services are dedicated to crowd provisioning and management. They provided us with the first check of workers’ identities and payment information verification.

Testers are now a Rainforest proprietary crowd, managed by a dedicated community team. The majority of our tester crowd has been with Rainforest for 5 years. We have not recruited additional testers in recent years. Instead, we’ve focused on improving our existing community’s skills and provide them with enhanced infrastructure and user experience.

The Types of Testers Who Work for Us

In addition to the folks who perform the majority of the tests you see in Rainforest, we also have:

  • Exploratory Testers. Highly skilled testers recruited to perform freeform exploratory testing.
  • Super Testers. A highly specialized group of testers who help us with various tasks, such as important test quality initiatives and beta testing of new tester-facing features.
  • Test Writers. A subset of super testers (also known as test authors) who write tests for clients. These individuals have been trained on the various aspects and nuances of Rainforest test writing.

Managing Testers

Our tester community is managed by a dedicated community team that works closely with product managers and engineers to create features that improve our testers’ everyday workflow.

Rainforest’s Quality Control

Delivering high-quality results is our number one priority. This is the core of Rainforest, and the following is a high-level guide to how we do quality control (QC).

Reputation Score

Every tester at Rainforest has a reputation score that is constantly adjusted and updated based on their work. This is the foundation of our QC process. Factors that impact a tester’s reputation score include:

  • Their agreement or disagreement with high ranking testers
  • Their agreement or disagreement with low ranking testers
  • Performance in our training tasks
  • Performance in challenge questions about our rules
  • Their response time to new Rainforest jobs


Every tester goes through automated training, both at the beginning of their testing career and on an ongoing basis. This training is multifaceted. Some of the things we focus on with training include:

  • English language comprehension and writing
  • Ability to follow nuanced instructions
  • Ability to correctly identify and categorize bugs
  • Ability to intuitively understand web interfaces


We algorithmically review all results from testers in real time. This ensures high-quality results while maintaining the speed we’re known for. We continue to update our algorithm and take the following into account:

  • Agreement with other testers (weighted by reputation)
  • Past history of test
  • Interactions by the tester with your website
  • Interactions by the tester across the rest of their system during the test

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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