Using Exploratory Testing

Learn how Rainforest Exploratory can help uncover previously undiscovered bugs.


Exploratory testing is a free-form QA offering. A team of Rainforest exploratory testers is assigned to your account. They find bugs and issues in your app or website that may not be covered by functional regressions. Moreover, you can expand your coverage for new features and user flows to uncover unknown problems quickly and efficiently.

When you start using exploratory, Rainforest recruits 4 dedicated testers. With each successive run, they gain more context and insight into your application, which helps us provide more value as you use the tool.


The Exploratory page interface.

Exploratory Run in Action

When you initiate an exploratory run, each tester in your dedicated team performs 4 hours of testing within 48 hours based on the instructions you provide. Since there are 4 testers, each run consists of 16 total hours of testing.

Results from the exploratory run are delivered as test cases at the end of this 48-hour window. Test cases generated from an exploratory run document the step-by-step workflow of how the tester uncovered the bug. These test cases also include the tester’s comments on what they expected to happen, what they actually encountered, and a video link of the tester recreating the bug described in the notes.


“Explore Account Information” Example

  • As a new user, go into the account profile settings and add data such as address, credit card information, and birthday. Feel free to make up the values. We are not interested in the actual data but rather in our site’s ability to save and store the information.
  • Go through the entire change password flow to confirm that an email with a change password link is sent and is valid.
  • Ensure that after changing your password, the account information you previously entered is recorded and looks correct on the page.
  • Note any incorrect values or forms that are too difficult to find.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].