Learn how to control the way your organization interacts with Rainforest.

In Rainforest, you can update your profile and billing information. Moreover, you can configure other things such as platforms, integrations, and global settings.

Account Settings

The Rainforest account settings are divided into 4 areas:

  • Profile. Email and password settings, notifications, time zone, Github, and accessibility settings.
  • Billing. Billing contact email and credit card information.
  • Team. Team name and team member management.
  • Usage. Your current Rainforest services usage.


The configuration settings are divided into 7 areas:

  • Platforms. Available browsers and platforms.
  • Scheduled Run Groups. View and edit scheduled run groups.
  • Integrations. Configure integrations and retrieve your Rainforest API token.
  • Tags. View, edit, and delete the tags you created.
  • Sites. View, edit, and delete sites and environments.
  • Test Data. A listing of available dynamic and static data.
  • Global Settings. Configure concurrency limit and control automation test retries.

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