Getting Started with Rainforest

Learn how Rainforest harnesses the power of test automation and human intelligence.

With Rainforest, you can create functional, UI-level tests in a matter of minutes. Run them on demand and in parallel by our Automation ServiceAutomation Service - Automated browser test execution. The quickest and most cost-effective way to get test results, powered by our network of virtual machines. or Tester CommunityTester Community - Human test execution. Harness the ingenuity of on-demand QA testers. Pay more and wait longer for test results but with the benefit of more detailed output.. There’s no code, and no technical expertise is required.

We provide two test types: Visual EditorVisual Editor - A tool that allows you to write tests using precise browser interactions with a live preview. Tests created with the Visual Editor (VE) run using either the Automation Service or Tester Community. and Plain-Text EditorPlain-Text Editor - A tool that allows you to write tests as step-by-step instructions in free-form English. Tests created with the Plain-Text Editor (PTE) run using either the Tester Community or your own on-prem testers.. There’s no need to pick just one. Many of our customers use a combination to maximize their testing capabilities.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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