Creating a Mobile App Test

Learn how web and mobile app testing differ and how to reuse your work.

Rainforest supports the testing of native iOS and Android phone and tablet applications with our mobile application testing. Note that we use the terms mobile application and native mobile app interchangeably. Both refer to apps that are downloaded and installed on mobile devices. For additional context, see the following articles:


Creating a mobile app test.

In most cases, web and mobile apps are fundamentally different, so you need to create app-specific tests. However, in some cases, you can—and should—reuse the work you’ve already done. Suppose your mobile and web apps are similar. In that case, you can duplicate the relevant web app tests and modify them for your mobile application.

Mobile and web application tests are separated in the Rainforest interface since they cannot share a starting URL.

  • The URL for a web browser test serves as a navigation URL for the testers.
  • The URL for a mobile application test is the source Rainforest uses to access and install the application.

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