Reusable Snippets

Learn about reusable snippets and their use cases.


A reusable snippet is a set of steps you can paste into any test. Reusable snippets are perfect for flows that repeatedly appear in your tests, including:

  • Login steps
  • Account creation
  • Check-out flows



Learn more about reusable snippets in the Visual Editor and the Plain Test Editor.

Common Use Cases

They’re a great way to make your test writing more efficient and effective. With reusable snippets, you can:

  • Save time on test creation
  • Reduce errors writing tests
  • Save time on test maintenance
  • Running groups of steps in a particular order
Adding a reusable snippet for login steps

Adding a reusable snippet for login steps


Can reusable snippets be converted into tests or vice versa?
No, you can not directly covert a reusable snippet to a test. You can embed the reusable snippet in that test and then copy and paste steps directly into that new test.

To create a Snippet from a test, extract all the steps in the test to create a new Reusable Snippet.

Can I use a reusable snippet Created in the Visual Editor in a Plain Text Editor Test or vice versa?
No, tests can only include reusable snippets created in their respective editors.

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