Learn how to troubleshoot mobile app builds and tests.


Is Your Mobile App Ready to Run in the Rainforest VMs?

Make sure the Android .apk is compiled for x86, not ARM.

Make sure your app is set up as a .app file, not .ipa.

Note: If you’re not sure your app has been compiled for testing, try launching it in Preview mode.

Make Sure the App URL Is a Direct Download Link

The hosted file URL must be a direct download link. If it isn’t, Rainforest can’t install the app.

  • For Dropbox links, the App URL must end with dl=1. For more information, see this Dropbox help article.
  • If you still experience problems, try this workaround from TechApple.

Whitelist the Rainforest IP Addresses

Rainforest testers come from various IP addresses. Secure environments often block them from reaching your application. Whitelisting Rainforest IP addresses may be required.

iOS Mobile App Builds

Try the following code to test whether your iOS build loads as expected in our simulator.

# list devices
xcrun simctl list
Ex: iPhone 7 (BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D) (Shutdown)

# open the simulator
open -a /Applications/ --args -CurrentDeviceUDID BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D

# install .app`
# xcrun simctl install
xcrun simctl install BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D /tmp/

# get bundle ID
osascript -e 'id of app "/tmp/"'
# Ex: com.rainforestqa.ExampleApp

# launch app
#xcrun simctl launch
xcrun simctl launch BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D 

# terminate app
xcrun simctl terminate BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D 

# uninstall app
xcrun simctl uninstall BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D 

# shutdown the simulator
xcrun simctl shutdown BCFE928E-1FFB-446B-A41C-288558412F0D

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].