Creating a Test with the Visual Editor

Learn how using the Visual Editor enables technical and nontechnical teammates to own testing.

An Introduction to the Visual Editor

Rainforest tests created with the Visual EditorVisual Editor - A tool that allows you to write tests using precise browser interactions with a live preview. Tests created with the Visual Editor (VE) run using either the Automation Service or Tester Community. (VE) are “no code,” which makes it easy for technical and nontechnical teammates to own testing. This model ensures the flexibility Rainforest users value. As the name implies, VE operates on a visual level—just like humans. Users interact with the UI, not the Document Object ModelDocument Object Model - The Document Object Model (DOM) is a cross-platform, language-independent interface that provides a tree structure for XML and HTML documents. (DOM).

On a practical level, some things are impossible to accomplish with DOM-based tools, which test what the computer sees, not the user. These include:

  • Working across browser windows
  • Interacting with the OS
  • Downloading, editing, and uploading files
  • Any interaction with desktop software

A VE-created test evaluates what users see and experience, not the computer. When the test executes, it’s almost as if a human goes through the steps, performing actions such as clicking buttons and keying in required information.

Take a look at this short video to see a VE test in action.

For a deeper dive, watch this signup process video.

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