Testing with the Automation Service

Learn about writing tests that run automatically without any user code.

What Is the Automation Service?

The Automation Service is Rainforest’s unique and powerful automated testing platform. Using our Visual Editor, you write tests at the UI level and interact directly with the selected UI elements. Run a test with the Automation Service or, manually, using our Tester Community.

No-Code Automation

Visual Editor is “no code.” That makes it easy for technical and nontechnical teammates alike to own testing. Moreover, Visual Editor preserves the flexibility Rainforest users value. And it works on a visual level—just like a human.

The Automation Service runs your application automatically on our scalable virtual machine (VM) infrastructure. Your application is tested visually by comparing your test with the live application. And all without any user code.

Pixel Matching

Our platform is pixel based instead of DOM based. That means we test what your users see and how they interact with your site. DOM-based tools, on the other hand, test what the computer sees. In some cases, this distinction is critical but depends on your application.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].