Frequently asked questions about exploratory testing.

How long does an exploratory run take, and how much testing can I expect?

When you initiate an exploratory run, each tester in your dedicated team performs 4 hours of testing within 48 hours, based on the instructions you provided. There are 4 testers assigned to your account, so each run consists of 16 hours of testing.

Can I request multiple platforms?

Yes. You can select multiple platforms for exploratory testing. When testers encounter an error on one platform, they verify whether the bug can be replicated on the other platforms. The testers update the notes, indicating in which platforms the bug occurs.

Keep in mind that you have a total of 16 hours of testing. When you select multiple platforms, testers must spend less time on the scope for each platform.

Can I select desktop and mobile platforms in the same test run?

Yes. However, we don’t recommend combining platforms since they are significantly different.

What happens if there’s a blocker during the run?

Sometimes, an unexpected condition prevents a run from completing. When this happens, a Rainforest team member emails the user who started the run. Until the blocker is resolved, the run remains in an in progress state.

I don’t see the Exploratory icon in my account. Why is that?

Exploratory is an add-on feature. Reach out to our support team to learn more about enabling exploratory testing for your account.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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