Organizing Tests by Feature

Learn how to test portions of your app by using features.

What Is a Feature?

A feature is a group of tests that covers one function or workflow in your application, such as a shopping cart. Features allow you to view the test coverage for a portion of your application. After creating your feature, add tests to it from the individual test view or the “All Tests” list.

Features can run ad hoc to test a specific area of your application. You can also add them to run groups executed on a schedule.

Running Features

There are three ways to trigger a run of a feature:

  1. On the Features page, click the Run Feature button and select the settings you want to use.
  2. Run using the CLI with the command run --feature [Feature_ID].
  3. Add the feature to a run group by clicking the Add to Run Group button and executing the run group.

To learn more about running your test see the section: Methods for Executing Tests.

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