JIRA Integration

Send test failures to your JIRA projects

Rainforest supports integrating with on-premise or cloud-based JIRA for manual or automatic error reporting. You can create tickets rich in information about the test failure including tester logs, comments screenshots, and the test result in Rainforest, and put them into sprints so they get fixed as part of your existing software development process.

Please note that the JIRA administrator will need to set this up via the Integrations page in Settings. For more help, check out our article on Configuring Your JIRA Integration.

How it works

There are two options to use the JIRA integration: automatic reporting and manual reporting.

Automatic error reporting

When a test fails, Rainforest will create a unique JIRA ticket, one for each failed platform associated with the execution of that test case. The title is always in the format [your project key]-number". For example, if Rainforest is RFT ours would be RFT-4, RFT-5.

The issue will automatically receive a label like "RfTest[test number]". The test number used to create the label is related to test number in Rainforest.

If the test fails multiple times while the issue is open, no new issue/ticket will be created. Once it is closed, any new failures for that test will create a new issue.

Manual error reporting

If you'd prefer to make sure you only send failures that a team member has looked at, remember to check "Enable manual error reporting". You'll see the Export to JIRA button in the header of the individual test result page. When you click it, you'll be able to choose which JIRA project to export it to (if you have several set up), and which platform failure to include.

If there are multiple browser failures, you may select which browsers to include in your ticket. Only one ticket is generated each time you click the “Export Issue” button. As such, if you select multiple browsers, that single ticket will contain information from each selected browser.

What's Included in the Created JIRA Ticket

In the JIRA ticket description, you’ll find:

  • The failed test steps
  • A screenshot from the failed step
  • Link to HTTP logs from each tester

If you are interested in integrating JIRA, follow the instructions here: Configuring Your JIRA Integration.

Error codes when manually exporting to JIRA

Code 400: Generic error code. Could be due to a variety of factors:

  • JIRA instance is missing required fields
  • JIRA ticket contains invalid field values
  • JIRA project contains fields that cannot be set for the issue type
  • JIRA ticket is being created by a user who does not have the necessary permissions
  • JIRA is unable to create a subtype in a project different from that of the parent issue
  • JIRA is trying to create a sub-task when the option to create sub-tasks is disabled

Code 401: Authentication error

Code 5##: Unexpected server error. Try again later or contact support to diagnose

For more information on JIRA's error codes, click here to view Atlassian's API Docs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through Intercom!

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JIRA Integration

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