How to Create a Plain-Text Editor Test

Learn about tester instructions and tester confirmations.

This article describes the steps needed to create and edit a Plain-Text Editor test for our Tester Community to execute.

How to create a Plain-Text Editor Test

  1. Navigate to the All Tests page.
  2. Click the New Test button.
  3. Select a site to test from the dropdown or add a new one by keying in the URL in the Add a New Site tab.
  4. Select “Plain-Text Editor” under How do you want to compose this test?
  5. Click the Create Test button.

The Create Test modal.

Once the new test is created, you have the option of using one of our built-in templates or creating a test from scratch.

Adding Steps to a Plain-Text Editor Test

Each Plain-Text Editor test step is comprised of two parts: the tester instruction and the tester confirmation.

  1. Click the New Step button.
  2. Enter a tester instruction under What should the tester do?
  3. Enter a tester confirmation in the form of a question that the tester needs to answer under Ask the tester what they should check for.

Plain-Text Editor tests are written in free-form English. For tips on effective test writing, see Best Practices.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].