Frequently asked questions about the Test Writing Service.

What is a Test Writing Service request?

The Test Writing Service consists of two parts:

  • Test writing
  • Test rewriting

A test suite request contains a group of test outlines to convert to a Rainforest test. A test rewriting request is a test that requires an update, such as a change in the UI or instruction improvements.

How many tests can I request at a time?

  • Test Suite Request
    You can submit up to 20 tests in a test suite writing request. Create more requests for up to 20 tests. These are queued to start after the active request completes.
  • Rewrite Request
    You can submit up to 20 test rewrites at a time. For every test that completes, a new rewrite request can be submitted.

How do I create a draft test writing request?

If you’re ready to create your outlines but don’t want to submit them to our test authors yet, you can save these requests as drafts. Do this by creating a new test suite request and saving rather than submitting it.


Saving a Test Suite Request as a draft.

How long does a test writing request take?

A test suite can take up to 4 days for the test authors to write and ensure the test passes. We recommend requesting multiple tests at a time so several test authors can work concurrently.

Why do some blocked tests show as “postponed”?

  • Test Suite Request
    Blocked tests are postponed after 4 days. This allows you to request more tests to be written. Once the blocker is resolved, you can unblock the postponed test and ask the test authors to rewrite it.
  • Rewrite Request.
    Blocked tests move to a postponed state. Since you are only allowed 20 tests to be rewritten at a time, you can request other tests to be rewritten while the blocker goes unresolved.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].