Testing Interactions between Multiple Accounts

Learn how to instruct testers to perform actions as more than one persona.

Many applications require a connection between the action of one user and another. A good example is sending and receiving an email message. It’s essential to confirm that these interactions work correctly before a release.

Fortunately, Rainforest makes it easy to test these kinds of use cases. Using dynamic data, you can assign paired login credentials to a tester. This allows them to log in as one user, then log in again as a second user to test the interaction.

Let’s take a look at two examples.

Sending and Receiving Email Instructions

Test email addresses in the format [email protected] automatically hook into a matching inbox (code>e.rainforestqa.com/string). You can take advantage of this pattern to allow a single tester to confirm both the sending and receipt of an email.

Step 1
Log in using the email address “{{preset.email1}}@e.rainforestqa.com” and password “mypassword1”. Click ‘New Message” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Question: Do you see a new, blank email?

Step 2
Key in the email address “{{preset.email2}}@e.rainforestqa.com”, Subject “hi” and body “How are you doing?”. Then, click the Send button.
Question: Do you see a Success message in the lower right-hand corner?

Step 3
Navigate to the inbox “e.rainforestqa.com/{{preset.email2}}” and search for an email with the subject “hi”.
Question: Do you see the email?

Cosigning a Document Instructions

Imagine you are a document-signing startup, and you want to make sure your real-time cosigning works correctly.

You’ve already uploaded a CSV file containing dynamic data named “User” into your account. There are 50 data rows, each with 2 columns: credential1 and credential2. Now, you just need to add a placeholder for the data in your test.

Step 1
Log in using the email address “{{user.credential1}}@e.rainforestqa.com” and password “password”.
Question: Are you logged in to a dashboard displaying a completed form?

Step 2
Click the “Sign and Send” button. Key in “{{user.credential2}}@e.rainforestqa.com” for the recipient email. Then, click the OK button.
Question: Do you see a “Signed and Sent!” pop-up?

Step 3
Click “Sign out” in the upper right-hand corner, then click “Sign in” using the email address “{{user.credential2}}@e.rainforestqa.com” and password “password”.
Question: Are you logged in to a dashboard displaying the message “You have a new form requiring your signature.”?

These back-and-forth interactions can be as intricate as you require. Instruct the tester to log in repeatedly as one persona, perform some action, then log in as another persona and respond.

Note: All dynamic data values persist for a single tester in one test run, but they don’t persist between runs. This means each tester should act in both roles for each process.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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