Managing the Concurrency Limit

Learn how to avoid performance issues in your environment by limiting the number of tests.


When a run is triggered, hundreds of tests might be executed simultaneously. The Concurrency Limit on the Global Settings page allows you to control this number, which helps prevent server overloads. Note the following when using this setting:

  • Concurrency Limit is optional.
  • Run times could increase when you set a limit.
  • The Concurrency Limit affects every test in your account.

To get to the Global Settings page, click the Settings icon (gear) in the navigation bar. Then, click Global Settings.

Setting a Concurrency Limit

  1. Key in the concurrency limit in the Number of tests field. The range is 5–500.



The range will differ depending on plan type. Enterprise plans range from 0-500 and Startup plans range from 0-20.

  1. Click the Save Global Settings button.

Removing a Concurrency Limit

  1. Clear the information in the Number of tests field.
  2. Click the Save Global Settings button.
The Global Settings page.

The Global Settings page.

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