Seeded State Management

Learn how to maintain a clean environment for testing when using seed data.

A seeded state means your test environment is already populated with the required test data, ensuring your Visual Editor test executes as expected. Seeding data in your preproduction environment allows tests to complete faster while using fewer steps.

Seeded states are beneficial as you build out your test suite. They help to maintain a test environment that is consistent and predictable. With Rainforest, there are several ways to keep your environment clean while testing with seed data.

Note: The methods described below are not mutually exclusive.

Using Your CI Process to Reset a Staging Environment Database

For teams working on a typical two-week agile sprint cycle, using your CI server to reset your database (DB) is an easy way to ensure a clean test environment for each run. For more information, see Using the CLI for Continuous Integration.

Using a Rainforest Webhook to Trigger a Database Reset

If you don’t use a CI tool, you can maintain a clean test environment by resetting your database using a webhook. We recommend using a simple webhook whenever possible. If your DB reset takes longer than 25 seconds, use an advanced webhook. Fore more information, see our Using Webhooks article.

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